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Schools Fundraising

There is over £1 billion in grant funding available to schools in the UK each year and so there has never been a better time to consider whether your school is maximising the potential to secure some of this funding. There is funding available for various areas of school life including sports, arts, and technology.

What can Tregease Consultancy offer in terms of fundraising services for your school?

  • Development of a School Fundraising Strategy
  • Direct work in identifying funds available for the school and support in preparing grant funding applications
  • Fundraising training workshops for staff and governors to give them the skills to apply for grant funding
  • Work with school pupils to give them the skills to fundraise
  • Ongoing support to staff with their fundraising

So why would your school want to use an external consultant to help with sourcing grant funding? Well …

  • Grant fundraising can be very time consuming in terms of researching the grants available and in preparing bids.
  • Grant fundraising has a high degree of specialism, knowing what the funder requires and how to word funding applications.

But why chose Tregease Consultancy? We have …

  • A certificate in Schools Fundraising and Income Generation
  • 20 years experience in fundraising for charities, churches and occasionally schools securing over £8.3 million for Cornwall.
  • Delivered fundraising training programmes on behalf of umbrella organisations in Cornwall

If you would like to learn more about our work with schools and arrange an appointment to discuss what we could help you with please email us.

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