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Grant Funding

A grant fundraising service is available, which enables organisations to realise their aims and objectives, through gaining funding from various sources.

This service includes:

  • Making applications to Charities and Trusts
  • Being a part of the assessment process
  • Provide relevant information required by funding bodies
  • Working with potential funders

A range of packages and charges are available to organisations of different sizes and varying needs. Our aim is help secure funding at a cost that suits you.

Trust Funding Search

With 1,000’s of grant making Trust and Foundations it can be very time-consuming searching for the grants you can apply for. To help you use your valuable time more constructively our Trust Funding Search service enables you to have a comprehensive list of appropriate funders available to approach without the time and hassle.

This service provides a Trust Funding Report giving you details of funders, their criteria for giving grants and their application process.

Trust Funding Advice

If you are one of the lucky few who have the time, energy and skills to write your own funding bids, then we have launched a new service where we can check your funding bids and give you key feedback on your application.

Our funding review will check all aspects of the funding application including:

  • Eligibility check
  • Project description
  • Organisational description
  • How the application form is written
  • Budget
  • Outcomes
  • Needs analysis
  • Sustainability
  • Monitoring and Evaluation requirements
  • Other aspects of the bid

We will agree with you the length of time required to review the bid and the price involved before starting any work.

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